"Mike June has an iron spine and is unafraid enough to mix tricky realism and genuine outrage in his songs.”
                                                                                         - Jon Langford, artist and songwriter, Mekons and Waco Brothers



This is what comes of hard working parents. This is what comes of a bloodline of conflict. The English, the Irish and The Indian settled along the wilderness of the Hudson River at the dawn of America. This is what comes from being birthed in country music, raised on Rock 'N' Roll, schooled in jazz, blues, joy and pain. This is what comes from the captain of the football team, the left-handed pitcher, the perpetual C student, the Lit major. This is what comes from shooting dope in ghetto alleys, shit jobs, cubicles and florescent lighting. This is what comes from a teacher, a garbageman and a gravedigger who spent too many long nights in jail. This is what comes of not belonging to a political party, a corporation, a label or a clique. This is what comes of being baptized in the spirit of Coltrane, the fury of Mingus, the meditation of Cohen, the righteous indignation of Strummer and Guthrie. This is what comes of Lou Reed and Chuck D hanging on a New York street corner, rapping about unrest, revolution and love. This is what comes of a hundred thousand miles of dark highway and 200 long nights a year in smoky bars, coffee shops, and the living rooms of strangers. This is what comes from listening to stories of the downtrodden, sleeping in back seats, stopping in the small towns, selling one record at a time out of the trunk of an old, beat-up car. This is what comes: Grace and Grit. Heart and Soul. Darkness and Light. Mike June.

              - Kristin LaTour, poet, Chicago, IL

"Name one artist writing more relevant songs about what is going on this world; go on, I'll wait. Right. You CAN'T, can you? Told you. Mike June is all heart, surrounded by a Jersey flavored candy-coating."                                              - Jon Dee Graham, singer, songwriter, artist

Like all great troubadours, Mike June makes honest music and sings about things that actually matter. He writes from the heart, plays with an energy that will get you going, and sings with a voice you want to listen to, because it comes from a place that’s one hundred percent real. Okay, the music business ain’t what it used to be, and sometimes it seems like it’s going straight to hell, but not if people like Mike June have their way. Go hear him, and then go hear him again. Mike June is the real deal and if we’re lucky, he just might save the music industry from itself. Either way, you’ll leave feeling better and stronger and with a whole lot of great songs in your head, and what more can you want?”
- Scott Sparling, author, “Wire to Wire”





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