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Released March 2007

"Call it roots rock, folk rock, singer/songwriter rock, Americana, whatever you wish. The important thing to remember is that Mike June & The Dirty Doves' new CD, "Lovesick", is a real album. Not just a collection of songs put out as an album, this CD features 11 tracks that seem to convey a story about the highs and lows of love. Sure it's a topic covered over and over again in song, but when it's done well, as it is here, it can still have emotional resonance. Choosing to record and mix the album using only analog equipment works to great effect, as the music has more of a timeless sort of feel to it, like the way you can look back at an old Springsteen or Dylan album, and not think that it sounds so much of the year it came out (unlike say, a Madonna album). "Lovesick" is held together by Mike June's compelling vocals and perfectly accompanying instrumentation (which includes Hammond B-3 and Wurlitzer organ, slide guitar, lap steel, and accordion). At times up-beat and jangly, but more often mellow and melancholy, "Lovesick", is a great album." -Blowup Radio

  1. 1 Purpose of Love 05:32
  2. 2 Fighting the War 03:55
  3. 3 Love Will Tear You Apart 05:12
  4. 4 1000 Nights 05:25
  5. 5 Sorry Michelle 03:48
  6. 6 The Ballad of the Ballad (of John and Yoko) 03:18
  7. 7 Honky Tonk Angels #2 03:36
  8. 8 The Most Beautiful Song In The World 03:51
  9. 9 Left 02:50
  10. 10 Honky Tonk Angels #1 05:17
  11. 11 Walk On Water 06:15



Mike June with Jon Dee Graham

House Concert



About Mike June

            Mike June is a singer and songwriter from Austin, TX. Born and raised in New Jersey,in the shadows of New York City, June writes songs about the complexities of modern life with a frank, earnest style befitting a man raised ten miles from the George Washington Bridge. June's grandfather, Vernon, was a country singer in the 40's and 50's, making a name for himself locally by performing the songs of Hank Williams at the weekly Bear Mountain square-dance. Naturally, Mike grew up in a house filled with the sounds of Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson and Bruce Springsteen while the local oldies station taught him about the British Invasion, Motown and '50's do-wop. June carried a Kiss lunchbox in grade school and spent his allowance on AC/DC and Rush cassettes. He got his first electric guitar at 13 and began to write songs.
            After spending several years singing with bar band Wide Load Joad, June formed Mike June & The Dirty Doves in 2002 and released his first album, CROOKED at the age of 27. Altcountrytab.com gave the record five stars and called it “40 minutes of music without a wasted beat” and said June “played with pure heart.” The Newark Star Ledger praised the band's “uninhibited swagger” and said “the perfectly named Dirty Doves played with grace and grit,” in it's shining 4-star review.
            While the band's evolution was slowed by lineup changes, June and guitarist Jay Forsythe began writing and experimenting with new directions and in 2007 released “LOVESICK”.Although it was a darker, moodier effort, the record was received warmly by both critics and fans. Blowup Radio called it “simply a great album,” and the band drew comparisons to both Dylan and Springsteen. Later that year Mike June & The Dirty Doves garnered four Asbury Music Award nominations for “Lovesick”,including a nod for “Fighting The War” for Song of the Year. “Lovesick” ended up on many critics end of the year “best of” lists, including ones in Japan and Belgium and was praised as one of the best locally released records of the decade.
            In 2008,June disbanded the Dirty Doves and relocated to Austin, TX. While spending three years in “self-imposed exile”, June continued to write prolifically and in 2010, with the encouragement of New Austin Music co-founder Larry Graves and former Dirty Doves Matty Aderhold and Ed Fritz, June formed his new band, The Wilson Street Refugees. June and the band, along with many guests (including 3-time Austin Music Hall of Fame inductee Jon Dee Graham) entered the studio and recorded EXILE ON WILSON STREET. Recorded almost entirely live over two days in April 2010, “Exile” is a life-affirming journey through the ups and downs of June's journey to Texas,the characters he met at the famed Wilson Street apartments and starting life over. Produced by June, Graves and Scott Everett, EXILE ON WILSON STREET was  the first release for brand new label NEW AUSTIN MUSIC.
              2012 has shown June to be in fine form. After releasing EXILE ON WILSON STREET, June has tirelessly toured the entire nation and recorded a brand new record, TALKIN' REVOLUTION BLUES. The new record finds June and his band (returning regulars Fritz, Aderhold and Byrne with guitarist Benjamin Todd and guest appreances by Larry Graves, Jon Dee Graham and Jess Klein) channeling the rock and roll muscle of the Rolling Stones, Dylan, Neil Young and The Clash with lyrics about the struggles of working class America in our new decade. The first single and video, "Hard Times" , will be released on September 10, 2012. 

Word on the street...

" ...lyrics so sharp it's a wonder June doesn't cut his tongue on them.  I swoon over the songs-for-the-working-class sound of this Austin singer-songwriter. Think The Clash meets Johnny Cash. " - Jennifer Savage, North Coast Journal

"Woody Guthrie meets The Rolling Stones." -San Antonio Music Press

"If someone had described Mike June's music as 'heartland rock with a sharp political bent' I would have been sold before I even listened to the album. This album is an instant favorite...Not much to say about this album without sounding cheesy: poignant, humorous, intelligent, incisive. June's powerful sense of melody allows the bitter pills of his lyrics to go down easily. It does not get better than this. Talkin' Revolution Blues is just one of those albums that's part of The Basics." - Adobe and Teardrops

"...his work encompasses the intelligence, passion, heart and soul which is so compeletely devoid from the work of their emoting fey hipster peers...June is a singer-songwriter who is years ahead of the curve." - Michael A. Kearns, Flowers For The Void

"By the time the girl in his second song, “Newark,” was dead, you understood this guy belongs on tour with Jon Dee Graham. And that’s a lofty compliment. The soulful, cigarettes-and-bourbon growl of his voice, the fierce honesty of the lyrics. It’s all there. He can write a song like a motherfucker." - Uncle Sam's Backyard at Wordpress 

“June's rich folk rock displays a distinctively Jersey-meets-Texas sound...”
Broward-Palm Beach New Times

“playing growly folk rock kinda stuff with a deadhead vibe running through it. Good foot tappers from these guys.”- Taproot Radio

“'Exile on Wilson Street' is a wonderful album that showcases Mike’s ability to tell a compelling story in a four minute song.”- Blowup Radio

“...blues-inflected Americana-rock is at the heart of his excellent new disc Exile on Wilson Street" – Omaha Reader

"... a conceptual genius"- The Aquarian

"...some of the tracks are stories of such pained joy but so richly sweet that they make me smile. others, balls-out rip-roaring goodness. still others, made me say, "now how did a white boy from jersey get to sound like THAT?!? like some weather-beaten sun-worn shack along some back road in the south?" - Rhae Grace


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